Castel dell'ovoThe meeting will be held in the beautiful Castel dell’Ovo, generously provided by City of Naples.

Castel dell’ Ovo stands on the islet of Megaride, two rocks linked by a large bridge. Colonists from Cumae (their origins being partly Greek) landed on this islet towards the middle of the 7th century BC and eventually founded the city of Partenope (or at least the first nucleus of it) on Mount Echia.

According to one of the most fanciful Neapolitan legends, the name of this castle derives from the egg that the Latin poet Virgil apparently hid in a cage placed in the dungeons of the castle. The egg was locked up and kept hidden because “the fortune of the Sea Castle depended on that egg”.

Castel dell’Ovo, and the Hotels suggested, are all located on one of the most beautiful seafront in the world, in a central and safe area of the city, identified as Chiaia-Posillipo. Of course, as in all other metropolis in the world, participants are invited to observe a normal level of prudence when walking around, particularly during the night.
Climate and weather in May are mild for a nice stay and to enjoy the city. People are kind and hospitable. The food is one of the best you can taste in Italy.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Napoli.